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March Moose Tracks Box

March Moose Tracks Box


Here it is peeps.. The March Moose Tracks Box.  This will be a Snow Globe with an Rhinstone Dome Topper. This box will have everything you need to complete the tumbler.

20oz acrylic tumbler with dome lid, KiraKira rhinestones (pick rom 5 colors), decal to match stones (TBD), glue, rhinestone applicator, sand paper, glycerin, distilled water, glitter to match rhinestones (chunky) silver glitter stars, cups, gloves, epoxy, stir sticks, working tray, glue holder, scrub brush, alcohol pads, etc.  


Please do not use any discounts when prchasing this box. If used, item will be refuded.

Shipping IS NOT included. Please choose Priority Medium Box when checking out. ($14.00).

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